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Looking for a new job? Hoping to generate more leads? Let me help you refresh your LinkedIn profile!

Sign up to have a certified social media strategist review your LinkedIn profile and give you concrete tips for how to improve it. A good profile can help you land your next job and build better relationships within and beyond your industry! Service options include a written review and/or a 30 minute zoom or phone call with Sarah.

Your LinkedIn profile is your business card, resume, and more… all rolled into one!

Sarah Willey

Trying to Gain Traction on Social Media for Your Small Business or Nonprofit?

I can help your small business or nonprofit make better use of social media to reach your audience. Whether you’re looking for more customers, clients, or donors, I’ll work with you to create a plan that will help you reach your goals.

Social Media Audit – A comprehensive review of the data your current social media activity will help you make better choices moving forward. My audit features a review of 3 months of activity on each platform included with personalized recommendations on how to respond to what the data reveals.

“Sarah’s assessment of my LinkedIn profile was immensely helpful as I look to build out my personal presence and brand. She was quick to respond, but also very thorough in her assessment. What I appreciated most about her feedback was how there were immediate action items that I could take to improve my profile, while also looking longer term at how to build out my profile. Sarah also showed me aspects of LinkedIn that I didn’t even know existed! Any client in Sarah’s hands will definitely be set up for success — I cannot recommend her enough.”
-Adrianne DeWeese, MPA, donor relations and customer service expert

“Sarah Willey, in her evaluation of my LinkedIn profile, provided me with a detailed report on how I can improve my profile.  Sarah followed up with a 30-minute consultation and answered all my questions.  As I am implementing her suggestions to my package, I can see it transform into something I am proud to share with college and potential clients.  Thank you Sarah!”
– Chris Mitchell, Inspirational/Motivational author, writer, blogger, speaker and podcaster

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