Sarah Willey

I help nonprofits and small businesses cultivate a community online.

I believe that we should use our time on this planet to make life better for others, and solving the world’s problems requires people to come together. That desire to bring people together for a cause has led me to focus my career on the nonprofit sector and to embrace social media as a tool for good.

Nonprofit organizations are a special kind of business that exists to solve problems in the world. Through my expertise in individual giving, I help nonprofits raise more money ethically and sustainably from a broad base of supporters.

Social media is a critical tool for business and community – love it, hate it, or somewhere in between, the reality is that it continues to transform marketing, fundraising, and relationships. As a certified social media strategist, I focus on how small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals can make the most of these tools in the pursuit of their goals.

​Sarah is a smart, effective and thoughtful presenter. She understands the audience and speaks to them very constructively. I love working with Sarah! 

Bomi Park, World Trade Center St. Louis & St. Louis Mosaic Project

Sarah worked alongside A Red Circle’s board and with me to create a plan for the entire year. Her research and knowledge about nonprofit development is invaluable. 

Erica Williams, A Red Circle


Sarah is an award-winning fundraising professional, certified social media strategist, and accomplished public speaker located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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