LinkedIn Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Try These 3 Tips

Any social media platform can feel overwhelming, and LinkedIn is no exception. 

  1. Know Why You’re on LinkedIn

You can’t measure success if you haven’t defined the goal. Would you get dressed up and drive to a networking event without knowing why you were there? (The answer should be no.) Don’t get on LinkedIn just because someone says you “should.” (But you should.)

Understand your immediate and long-term career goals and make sure that you keep those goals in mind when you build your profile and when you plan how and when you will be active within the platform.

  • Keep Your Profile Up to Date

I recommend reviewing your profile quarterly, and anytime you have a significant change, such as a new job. Make sure your profile picture is current, your summary is still a good reflection of who you are and what your professional life is about, and your job history is complete.

(Want some extra help with your profile? Check out my free DIY guide!)

  • Schedule Time for LinkedIn

Adding time for LinkedIn will help you in two ways. First, it will ensure that you have time available to be there as often as you need to for your goals. Second, it will set a boundary around how often you need to be there so that you don’t start stealing valuable time from your other priorities to scroll the platform.

Start applying these tips today, and before you know it you’ll be networking like a boss on LinkedIn!

Published by Sarah Willey

I am an award-winning fundraising professional, certified social media strategist, and accomplished public speaker located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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