Five Minutes Could Help You Find Your Dream Job

Job searching has changed a lot over the past decade or two. Today I’ll share a very simple LinkedIn hack for making sure you don’t miss out on the job of your dreams:

Update your skills section on your profile

When LinkedIn was new, the skills list was popular, and it was common for us all to spend a lot of time endorsing one another. The platform doesn’t prompt that like it used to, so newer profiles won’t have many (or any) endorsements on their skill lists.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the time to fill out (and update) your list! It’s particularly important when you look for a new job. When a job is posted, LinkedIn looks at the skills the employer wants and suggests the job to people whose profile lists similar skills.

You can choose up to 50 skills, which can include interpersonal skills (ie, communication, leadership) and skills specific to your industry (ie, accounting, research). I have maxed out the 50 on my profile, and you should, too.

LinkedIn is sometimes the ONLY place an employer will post a job. So while you still want to check all relevant job boards when you’re looking for a new job, it’s critical that you are also watching LinkedIn and maximizing your ability to find the right role. You don’t want to miss that dream job because you didn’t take 5 minutes today to review and update that skill list!

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Published by Sarah Willey

I am an award-winning fundraising professional, certified social media strategist, and accomplished public speaker located in St. Louis, Missouri.

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